Friday, January 7, 2011

'Twas the night before the grand Despedida....

...when the young clergy group of the Archdiocese gathered to dine at the Archbishop's Residence (Gonzagahaus), not only to honor our beloved father, but also to celebrate our president's (Fr. Ric Marpa) birthday. 
I actually arrived late since I still had a Mass in one barrio. I learned that the group had recorded the Rosary they had with the Archbishop in the chapel and they're planning to make copies of the recording for use in the parishes and others. Cool idea.

Frs. Samie and Felix

Fr. Kim and Fr. Yours-Truly testing my mobile camera. These photos were taken using my mobile phone by the way.

Fr. Samie in action

Frs. Brian and Gogo in animated conversation (or should I say debate?)

Fr. Exorcist with the Archbishop in the background

Me and the Exorcist

More of the Gogo-Brian tandem...

another view, this time from the back

di naman makainom dahil sa antibiotics, kape nalang....

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more mandibular action from Fr. Samie. Pang-ilan na yan?
I'll label this as the opening salvo of the great events that await us these days, namely the Despedida of the Archbishop and his installation in Cebu.

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