Friday, January 7, 2011

The Trycicle driver , the Drug, and a near case of General Absolution

It happened this morning.

As I was on my way to celebrate the first Friday Mass at a Landbank branch in the city I noticed with dismay that the medicines prescribed to me by my doctor for my sinus began to take effect. I've forgotten how antihistamines could actually affect my handling of machinery (or my driving, precisely), and so as I neared my destination and was on the lookout for a possible parking space, I was being lulled to sleep with my eyes wide shut by the strains of Mozart's Requiem (Mozart's opus was just being true to its name).I made a few turns, and as i was trying to ease in my car in between two parked others I heard volley of angry curse at my side of the vehicle. mildly surprised, I looked up and gazed dreamily at the angry glare of a disgruntled tricycle driver who was shouting at me whether I've gone out of my mind in doing my manoeuvrings  without me signaling with my lights. In my faint befuddlement I tried to blurt out a few apologies and tried to straighten things out with the positioning of the car, at the same time forgetting I should've let him pass first. This added a fresh volley of shouts from the irate driver and the others who were following him behind. I was already feeling bedraggled and embarrassed, especially since I was in my white cassock. Good thing that they took of immediately, the driver no doubt mumbling angrily about sleepy drivers in white cassocks at an early hour. I got of shakily from the car, thankful for the seeming absence of people since the shops were still closed (they usually open at nine). It would be an understatement to say that I was acutely embarrassed by the whole thing. 
Co-Aleva: makes you feel sleepy, even though you just woke up...

The grogginess didn't wear off until almost after the Mass. I had the intention of  celebrating it, so I'm sure that it was perfectly valid.  I almost finished it by telling the people: "your sins are forgiven, go in peace..."(of course I didn't say it). Ha! That one would've certainly been fit for the book! An unintentional yet unlawful case of general absolution given due to side-effects of antihistamine.

Gotta be more careful next time.
Father ZZZzzzzz......

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