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Thursday's installation rites at the magnificent Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral saw a bishop from humble beginnings raised to the main hub of life in the Philippine Church. From the barangay to the metropolis --this was how Archbishop Palma described his move to Cebu. Not that Palo is comparable to a  "barangay", but everybody I'm sure understood the Archbishop's sentiments as he spoke from the cathedra of the cradle Catholic Philippines. I personally am amazed at how the Lord moved in the life of this humble man from an obscure barangay in Dingle. That would be a good title: From Humble Dingle to Cosmopolitan Cebu. However, I'm with the thousands who think and see that his life and whole priestly ministry (to use "career" would not be exact) amounted to this moment.
an hour before the vesting was scheduled to begin, the Cathedral begins to fill up with people.

The Cathedra

a nice photo at the back of the souvenir program.

The souvenir program and the stole which as given to each concelebrating priest as a gift.

The "second floor" of the cathedral nave

representatives from the Archdiocese of Palo had their place of honor at the left side facing the altar
The family of Archbishop Palma. His elderly mother is at the far left.

The high altar with the Benedictine arrangement

Since we came very early, we were able to get the choice seats right in front of the altar. That's me in the middle.

There were many civil and military authorities present. This is Cebu governor Gwen Garcia.

The media

Monsignori coming in at the start of the procession.

sixty-eight bishops graced the event.

Bishop John Du of Dumaguete

The new Archbishop of Cebu entering the Cathedral amid applause.

Cardinal Vidal processing for the last time as Cebu Archbishop.

The Cardinal's final words: "All things have a beginning and have an end. I speak of this as a new beginning and I'm proud to be a part of it..."

The reading of the Papal mandate appointing Archbishop Palma to Cebu.

Cardinals Vidal and Rosales escorting Palma to the cathedra. Soon the latter would be joining these two in the Sacred College.

handing over the crozier

The Te Deum is sung

The obedience is given by the clergy of Cebu

communion on the tongue, and kneeling....
The Nuncio:"Excellency, you now succeed Cardinal are not new to the pastoral ministry..This is a further invitation for you to travel the road of holiness..."

"More wonderful tings are to come our way because of God"

For Cebu, another lap of the journey has begun.....

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