Tuesday, January 18, 2011


These days (and months) of Palo as a vacant see, I am made painfully aware of our being fatherless in the Archdiocese as of the moment every time I celebrate the Mass and come upon these words:

Lord, remember your Church throughout the world
make us grow in love, 
together with Benedict our Pope, N. our bishop
and all the clergy

May it not take long for the Holy Father to appoint another pastor for the whole Archdiocese, one who is worthy and who would be a father to us all, both priests and laity. 

And by the way, yesterday the Archdiocesan Consultors elected  Msgr.Jaime Villanueva, parish priest of Burauen and Vicar General under Archbishop Palma, as Archdiocesan Administrator, who will fold the Archdiocese in safekeeping until the arrival of the new Archbishop. No offense intended, Mons, but may you not stay long, since you vacating the post means the Archbishop has come!

Lord, grant your Church in Palo a worthy successor to the Apostles who will shepherd it!!!


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