Sunday, January 9, 2011


After a little more than four years since he arrived from Calbayog to take the reigns of the Palo archdiocese, Archbishop Palma bid adieu to his erstwhile flock in a Thanksgiving Mass well-attended by the majority of the clergy and numerous representatives from the different sectors of Church and civil society. There were also representatives from other Christian denominations. I think I'll let this series of photos speak for themselves...
a view from the choir loft taken about an hour before the Mass was scheduled to begin.

A shot taken from the sacristy facing the Sta. Cruz wing (south wing)

The Luntad wing of the Cathedral (north wing), a portion of which i usually reserved for seminarians.

The Cathedra

The weather didn't seem to be too cooperative....

Copies of the regional newspaper was distributed to the congregation as they came for the Mass.

Priests waiting for the Mass to begin.

The vesting area in the sacristy

Vestments for the concelebrating priests

The honor guard composed by the Knights of Colombus.

The Cathedral facade

yours truly posing with a seminarian, a good friend and former student
The Archbishop preparing for Mass, assisted by Fr. Christian Golong, his secretary, and Rev. Kim Miro

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Palo clergy at the start of the Mass

the Consecration
After the Mass. That's me three heads away from the Archbishop.

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