Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It's been fully a week now since I've set foot once again in Pamplona after an absence of four eventful years that have passed me by so quickly. I find myself ensconced once again in the whirl of university life and this early I'm beginning to see that it's going to be one helluva spin. Due to the Bologna Process, which is some kind of a higher education plan agreed upon by many member-countries of the European Union, while at the same time aiming at a higher and more quality higher education in Europe, it also includes all of the necessary sufferings and challenges it entails. Many are the features of the Bologna process and its effect in university education, but I think the most salient is this, that there's going to be a lot more paperwork to be had than in earlier years. Mountains of paperwork, mind you. At this early stage of my studies (I hope to survive the two years that I'm here), I already have a truckload of books and material to devour plus the correpsonding paperwork that they entail. I'll fill in later with more details, but as of the moment, I have to attend to a more pressing need: sustenance, or in other words, LUNCH!!!

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