Friday, March 25, 2011

Thesis Proposal

I'm virtually joining thousands at Quirino Grandstand as I type away at this post from the comfort of my cozy retreat here in the seminary. Still months away from leaving for further studies at my alma mater, I've already been thinking about what my licentiate thesis would be all about. I'm taking up history, one of my interests (I love stories, so maybe that's why I'm interested in history), and since the Archdiocese of Palo would be celebrating its Diamond Jubilee as a diocese since its creation in 1938, I've decided to write something about its history. I'm getting set on writing about the second archbishop of Palo, Archbishop Pedro Dean, now living in retirement in Pasig City. It's a great idea; no doubt many would welcome it. Many of us would still remember him while he was still among us here in Palo, but that number won't remain forever. I think it's about time that something be written about him, especially considering the fact that he isn't getting younger by the day (though he's healthy than he's ever been. Being in charge of a large flock isn't exactly a walk through the garden). 

I may not be present for the Diamond Jubilee (daymmmn...), but at least with my work, I may be able to give my own contribution to the celebration. Who knows, after I defend it, I might as well convert it into a book for the Archdiocese! Proceed of the sale would go to the Sacred Heart Seminary (YEHEEEEEYYYY). I'm not even there yet, and I'm already full of ideas!!! I'm thinking of focusing most especially of his pontificate here in Palo, which spanned more than twenty years (he was Archbishop of Palo from 1985 to 2006) . I might as well brace myself for the big work ahead. But I think I'll enjoy it. 

Come to think of it, as I've said earlier, I believe many would welcome it, except one in particular, and that would be the subject of my thesis himself: Archbishop Dean. He always shuns the spotlight. His virtue is my disadvantage. But I hope that this would not be about him, but about the local Church in Palo (of course it would be about him as well, but if this would make him relax a bit, then ok....)

and now, the good archbishop as you've never seen him before:
Pedro Sr.

one of the enduring loves of the Archbishop: Dna. Luz Rosales Dean
the Archbishop as a child

First Holy Communion

With his brother, Ceasar
The Archbishop's brother, Ceasar Dean

the young seminarian during an outing to the beach, ca. 1950
The young Tomasino

at the Central Seminary of Sto. Tomas
The first blessing of a young priest: November 30, 1956

traveling as secretary to the Cardinal of Cebu

The Cardinal and the protege-nephew
the priestly vocation runs in the family: +Msgr. Basilio Rosales, +Julio Cardinal Rosales, Msgr. Pedro Dean

Taking a few moments of prayer by the tomb of his predecessor in the see of Palo, Archbishop Urgel, before taking possession of the Archdiocese, 1985.

Receiving the pallium from Pope John Paul II

A light moment with soon-to-be-beatified John Paul II
This was taken during his last trip to Rome in 2004

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