Thursday, May 26, 2011

A still more official announcement and some odds and ends

I'ved already moved out of my room today (officially). I guess this post makes it all the more official. From now on I'll have to get used to living without a personal and private internet connection. I'm writing this post with my reliable IPod, which seems to prove itself really
useful to me these days. I've moved to a smaller (and cooler) room on the groundfloor of the College building. It functions as a guest room and was originally intended or the Bishop's use whenever he visited the seminary, and for that reason it was and still is called the Bishop's Room. My successor is due move his things and settle there upstairs in a few days time.

I'll be off in the meantime to the Big City to work further on my travel papers. Ihave the urge to go back to Intramuros and discover it more leisurely. I do hope to be back from Manila before Pentecost.

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