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(Part III of a series)
NOTA BENE: The comments in red and bold are mine.

Attempts to solve difficult ethical problems alone, without the light of God’s truth, will always reap harmful fruits. Contraception is perhaps one of the most vivid examples of this important reality because it actually leads to MORE, not less, abortion. While this seems to be a contradiction since contraception is designed to prevent conception (and theoretically make abortion “unnecessary”), since the use of contraception requires a disordered outlook on human life and sexuality, this contraceptive mentality of selfishness, disregard for the preciousness of human life and the dignity of marriage, always leads to an increasing “need” for abortion. Let us review the two main reasons why contraception actually increases the prevalence of abortion.

The first reason is that contracepting couples have espoused an attitude and behavior that adopts a purely unnatural or technological “solution” to the “problem” of preventing pregnancy. When the contraceptive method fails, the couple easily feels automatically entitled to another unnatural and technological solution—abortion. The whole dynamic of life-giving love, in the context of the covenant of marriage, becomes degraded, mechanized, de-personalized, and trivialized. When there is an “unplanned” pregnancy, the couple feels failed by their artificial “system”, views the baby not as a gift from God, but as an unwelcome intruder, and so they seek another mechanical, degrading “solution” for this “system failure”—who is a human being.

Auswitz: where people were thought of as problems needing a "Final Solution", one which was supplied by Hitler and the Nazis....

This is the “contraceptive mentality” in its frighteningly stark and destructive reality. Here we can see clearly that contraception promotes the evil attitude that children are merely “objects” or commodities for someone’s “wanting” or “not wanting”, subject to the tyranny of their parent’s whims, “choices”, “lifestyles” or convenience, and that the unborn “intruder” may even be eliminated (that is, killed), if so desired. It is easy to see how such deep-seated selfishness and utilitarianism that are always present with contraception-minded people—frequently unto murderous abortion—are a grave threat to all authentic human love, marriage and society. The contraceptive mentality poses a significant threat to the future peace, harmony and sustainability on all levels of any society where it takes root.

The second reason that contraception leads to more abortion is that it simply does not work. It is documented in the United States, for example, that well over half of all women seeking abortion were using contraception when they became pregnant. There are two million contraceptive failures (a large number of which become “aborted realities”) each year in the USA, primarily among teenagers.

Every one of the more than one hundred nations that have abortion-on-demand began by legalizing contraception (I do hope and pray that the Philippines learns this lesson well before it is too late). Since contraception fails so often, it automatically leads to a demand for abortion, even if it is illegal. Enormously funded and agenda-driven population-control groups, with the assistance of native pro-abortionists, then step in. They manufacture powerful propaganda about the pitiful (and false) stories of hundreds and even so-called thousands of women who are all allegedly dying because of back-alley or illegal abortions (this is very familiar here in the PH, most especially in the RH Bill battle, with the pro-RHers decrying the daily 11 maternal deaths that take place so long as the RH bill is not passed). And these death peddlers then demand that abortion be legalized. Of course, the same people who were doing abortions before it was legal then do them when it is legal.

Malcolm Potts, former medical director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, accurately predicted four decades ago that “as people turn to contraception, there will be a RISE, NOT a FALL, in the abortion rate”.

Up next: (Part IV) The Contraceptive Mentality Also Leads to Other Evils…

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