Wednesday, May 18, 2011


(Part V of a series)

Because of the importance of the contraception issue, before God and man, it often serves as the “keystone issue” for many people when they come to the point of deciding whether or not they will follow other teachings of the Catholic Church. The question of contraception usually very much determines a person’s opinions and attitudes on all of the other life and family issues. When Catholics contracept, they are usually well aware that they are in defiance of Church teachings; and while the first step is always the hardest, they can soon reject Church teachings in other areas of morality as well (That’s why you cannot be Catholic AND support contraception). And once a person, Catholic or non-Catholic, has adopted the aberrant contraceptive mentality, other disordered views and behaviors follow in its wake. 

It is easy to point out some examples of the terrible cascade effect that invariable result after the two essential elements (unitive and procreative) of the marital act are separated. After all, if the procreative aspect can be discarded, why not the unitive? Thus, it is easy to see that high rates of divorce also rapidly follow the widespread acceptance of contraception. Another deadly step in the downward spiral after widespread contraception and abortion is the infanticide of handicapped infants. And euthanasia, also erroneously called “mercy killing”, is not far behind.

And lastly, for our purposes here, we can see also that if the unitive aspect of the marital act can be separated from the procreative, then it matters not who is united with whom. Thus we are seeing an epidemic sexual license and promiscuity among all age groups, and this is now degenerating even more severely such that there is an increasing push, even through the UN on a global scale, for the so-called legitimacy of homosexual “rights” and relationships and even “marriage”—where two men or two women may get legally “married” to each other. Not surprisingly, the acceptance of homosexual “marriage” by several nations has now led to polygamists demanding the same rights. After all, if two men can get married, why not a man and several women—or a women and several men?

the sign says it all

All of these current and serious aberrations have their roots in the contraceptive mentality—which contradicts the Natural Law and which adopts the unnatural and disordered separation between the unitive and procreative purposes of the marital act, in the context of a potentially fruitful marriage between one man and one woman. Understandably, it is very difficult for people who are against abortion but for contraception to debate these obvious and vast consequences that result from the acceptance of the single evil of contraception.

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