Saturday, February 15, 2014

Of loaves and fishes

The Gospel for today once more shows us the immense love that lies in the heart of the Savior. Concerned for the people who have come from all parts to follow him and listen to his words, he calls upon the Twelve to feed the multitude. The apostle have merely enough to feed themselves. But the Lord presses them to do what is virtually impossible, judging from the very limited resources. Taking from what his men have and which they have offered to him, after having blessed them, they suddenly become enough to feed the hungry multitude.

The Lord knows that by ourselves we have nothing much to offer that could give him sufficient glory. And yet he continues to ask for our correspondence to his grace. In,y when we have given the little that we could possibly give to The Lord could miracles truly happen, only when we have generously surrendered the little that we have could we be able to feed the multitude. 

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