Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thoughts in Transit,

While waiting for the second lap of my long journey to begin, here in the international airport of Dubai, the WiFi connection having failed where I am presently, I am writing to collect my thoughts. The trip from Manila was basically uneventful; we were delayed for about half an hour in embarking, but we managed to arrive at Dubai in time. After making the more than seven thousand - kilometer journey, I'm watching the sun as it rises above the deserts before me. It's almost six in the morning as I write, and the grey dawn light has yet to give way to the blazing inferno it might well be later on in the day. 

I've watched a couple of films during the flight. Well, I've skipped some parts in one of the movies, The Chronicle, a sci-fi movie about some kids being able to have some powers and which grows rotten on one of them. And then, after another brief nap (I've been sleeping during a great part of the flight, which is good) I watched a Filipino romantic comedy entitled Cactus Heart, which starred Maja Salvador, Mateo Guidicelli, and introduces Xian Lim. It's funny because I only get to watch these kind of movies whenever I'm outside of the country, particularly in a flight. Maybe perhaps it's the homesickness that had immediately set in, a mere hours after leaving native soil. Maybe it's just that I find them even more appealing knowing that I won't be having much of the typically Pinoy humor where I am. 

It's strange to feel that, despite of the fact that when one is traveling one has always to keep track of the time, something that's really important especially considering that you have an itinerary to follow, somehow you seem to be suspended in limbo, in timelessness. One has no other choice than to wait hours that seem endless, until your eventual arrival at your final destination ushers you in once again to reality. In the airport, things seem to be suspended. I couldn't forget my journey to Spain to study once again; I had to stay for ten hours in Doha while waiting for my connecting flight that would take me to Madrid. Now that was an eternity. 

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