Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer's End

As I await the final summons for me to board the plane that would lead me back to my studies, I am taking this time to look back and think about everything that has transpired during these (more or less) three months that I have spent in vacation. I'm sorry to see them pass by so quickly, and that I'm going back to the life of a student that I wouldn't much desire for myself. To go on further studies for me is something that I myself do not want, and I have not kept a secret of this; however, listening from the people whom I've shared my sentiments and thoughts with, I'm all the more convinced that, though I may not want this for myself, I would do good in desiring it for the fruitfulness of my priestly ministry and the good of the Church. This is a big grace for me, I believe, that I should as, to be able to live generously and cheerfully these last remaining years of rigid and scientific intellectual formation. This is something that other people and priests don't have, and this is something which has been given to me. 

The months have passed quickly, and I've been blessed in being reunited with loved ones and friends. I was able to make new acquaintances, the biggest of which was none other than my new archbishop, John F. Du. I have been blessed to be counted among his friends, I count it as a privileged to been able to live with him for sometime and see how he shepherded the archdiocese, as he made his first steps in getting to know his new flock. 

The summer was not lacking in episodes of grace. Truly, God is faithful, and this fidelity I have witnessed in administering the sacraments and in shepherding the faithful during my short stay. God is faithful: FIDELIS DEUS! is one consideration that would guide me from now on. I have witnessed the graces and blessings that come in whenever one is faithful to God, and gives witness to his fidelity; I have also seen the misery that comes as a result of straying away from his love. 

The question of the doctorate is something that has demanded a part of my considerations. To be or not to be...I confess that in this question I am quite like Hamlet. Desiring to have my studies done and over with as soon as possible, I also consider that a doctorate would be a great help in the ministry. I've decided to take things a step at a time. I'll have to focus on my licentiate degree first.

The hour is late, the darkness outside all the more brings home to me the fact that the curtains have descended upon the summer idyll that I had s longingly looked forward to a few months ago. But the darkness of night is nothing but the promise of the approaching day. My story has not yet ended, and so is my struggle. I look willingly and with renewed determination at the new day that dawns, ready to face the challenges that it brings, knowing that the day shall soon come when I shall be reunited with those whom I love in the land that I love, once again. 

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