Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saint of the Ordinary: Feast of St. Josemaria in Brgy. Apitong.

Here are some photos I took before the start of the Mass, celebrated by Msgr. Ramon Aguilos, at the St. Josemaría Escriva Mission Station in Brgy. Apitong, Tacloban City. The mission station, currently under the pastoral care of Fr. Alvin Nicolasora, is perhaps the most beautiful of all the barrio chapels in the whole archdiocese. It's not even a parish yet, though it holds much promise. All of us concelebrants have been touched in one way or the other by the figure of this great saint of the ordinary, as Fr. Alvin pointed out after the communion, during the message of thanks. The chapel was filled to overflowing, especially as he had also invited the children of the nearby school, since they had no classes this morning. Their teachers were having their practices for the Sangyaw Festival which is due on the eve of the Tacloban Fiesta this weekend.

The sacristy table or altar

The relic of St. Josemaría.

Fr. Bong taking a look at the vestments. 

The chapel was well spruced-up for the occasion. They had even adorned
the altar in the Benedictine arrangement.

The view from the diminutive choirloft.

The most beautiful baranggay chapel in the whole Archdiocese.

The image of the patron saint.

Another view of the altar with the Benedictine arrangement.

One of my old teachers in elementary and a dear friend, Mrs. Araceli Baisa.

Fr. Felix and Fr. Bong

After the Mass free meals were distributed among the faithful, the majority
of whom are poor.

The choir loft 

Msgr. Ramon after the Mass.


  1. I like this. The Benedictine arrangement reminds me of the UA&P Chapel where I used to go to and hear mass whenever I am in Manila. Nice celebration of the feast, Apitong was too far for me, I opted to hear mass in honor of St Jose Maria in Tolosa parish. May the apostolate grow in Leyte and Samar. Thanks for sharing and God bless!

    1. God bless!!! Let's hope that this arrangement would become more usual in our celebrations here in the Archdiocese.