Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ridley Scott, Aliens, Religion and Parent Modeling

I read this from an interview of the director of that new sci-fi movie Prometheus and its got some pretty interesting points that I thing people should consider very well, especially for parents who want their children to grow up well as God-fearing persons...
Are you a believer and what is your vision of heaven and hell?
My father made me an altar boy because we were with the Protestant Church of England. I’d go and struggle with the wine with the priest, who’d pour out this ruby-red wine. We’d have a struggle with the communion cup, because I liked the wine, as well.
I got fed up and eventually took up tennis instead of going to church. I became an avid tennis player. My parents never knew this for a year. My father said to me, “How can you do this?” I said, “Well, you don’t go to church and neither does mum.” There was this total silence.
But, the time I spent in church left a mark on me. I am not sure that the mark is a good thing, because it leaves an inherent sense of guilt even when you haven’t done anything wrong. Bizarrely, I still feel guilty. It keeps me on the straight and narrow path, so I think what you learn from religion are the fundamentals of right and wrong. Whether God or Christ has a part in that, the most important thing I got out of religion was right and wrong.
So, if you could ask your Creator, is there one burning question that you would want answered?
Yeah, what’s the weather like? I don’t know. Maybe if I can get my knee back, so I can play tennis again. The sport is a wonderful thing for me. It was my escape. But, my Maker? I wouldn’t know what to ask Him. I have pretty well everything. I’m really enjoying myself.

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