Thursday, May 10, 2012

D-DAY IN PALO:part 2

As second part to the post that I published yesterday concerning the first images of Du-Day comes these new batch of pictures. I had them from different photos taken and posted in the internet.

The arrival of the Archbishop in the port of Ormoc.
The Archbishop-elect is greeted by Mayor Codilla of of Ormoc.

During the welcome accorded to the Archbishop-elect at the
Sts. Peter and Paul Parish.

Archbishop-elect Du delivering his first words to his flock in

Meanwhile, in Palo, the focal point of the day's
solemnities, the finishing touches for the big
day are being applied. The Cathedral has been
spruced up, and it's good that the first great
event that the newly-renovated Cathedral would be
witnessing would be the installation of the new Archbishop.

Vestments for the bishops and the priests have been especially
made for the occasion, thanks to the efforts of Sagrado under the
watchful guidance of Fr. Alvin Nicolasora and the FHL

The new cathedra with the arms of the new Archbishop

As at Cebu more than the year ago, the concelebrating priests
were situated first in the big cathedral. These priests are clearly
 not from Palo. Aside from the fact that their faces are not familiar to me,
in my opinion they're not well-vested, having placed the chasuble
over whatever they were wearing. Palo clergy in occasions like this,
as in any grand occasion, always wear their albs or cassocks underneath.
Not that I'm bragging, I'm just stating a fact.

Archbishop-elect Du leading the procession of bishops
to the altar for the start of the Installation Mass

seminarians leading the procession.

A closer view, with Fr. John Paul Pedrera,
secretary to the Archbishop

According to what I've gleaned from sources,
around fifty prelates graced the event

Two great figures from the history of the Archdiocese: the ARchbishops-emeritus Dean and Palma, respectively

A closer view of the Archbishop of Cebu, with Cardinal Rosales.

The actual Archbishop of Manila, Archbishop Tagle,
 in the middle of the photo

The Nuncio to the Philippines as the installing prelate at the end of the

The entrance to the cathedral.

A beautiful view of the assembly in the cathedral

The episcopal motto of the new Archbishop: Christ is my light.

The Nuncio, Archbishop Guiseppe Pinto, at the start of the Mass.

The Nuncio guiding the new Archbishop to take possession of the cathedra.

AD MULTOS ANNOS, Archbishop DU!!!!

Cardinal Vidal delivering the homily. Witnessing the archiepiscopal installation
of someone whom you ordained years ago must be a moving and fulfilling experience,
one that the old Cardinal had had more than once

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