Friday, February 10, 2012


It might sound like an anachronism but yes, it took place during the first months of 2012: February to be exact. No, it wasn't exactly a war. But yes, it was an international event. Mexico, India, the Ivory Coast and the Philippines were very well represented in it, especially the last one, who had a lot more weighty representation.

Actually I was referring to the snowball fight we had this morning in the park near the residence. Pamplona, like the greater art of Europe, had been abetted for days by frozen winds coming from Siberia, and the winds brought heavy clouds with them, shepherding them like a huge flock of sheep above Europe. and these "sheep", once in place, let loose their precipitation. Snow fell heavy yesterday in many parts of Europe, but this morning snowfall was more than sufficient to leave Pamplona blanketed with snow, leaving us with a unique Sunday treat. I was supposed to have ordered my room today, but the enthusiasm of my companions, some of whom have never experienced snow, got the better of me and I headed out with them to spend the morning frolicking and throwing snow at each other. I received a good number of snowballs in the face. I never suspected that some could be so rabid in throwing things at others. I guess that's one thing that too much pent-up pressure causes in a person due to too much study. I was joking when I said that. 

But anyway, we were three Filpinos in the group. And where Filipinos are, there's always bound to be a camera. And Fr. Jim Cerezo had brought along his handy SLR camera, which produced a lot of good photos. 
No, this wasn't in our backyard, though I would've wished
 it could've been. I just kinda like the picture.

The belligerent nations

in action

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