Monday, July 25, 2011


 We've been able to have a successful opening of the Seminary Days Festivities yesterday in the seminary yesterday. We were quite apprehensive most especially because of the gloomy skies, which remained overcast for the whole day. The skies threatend to rain down on us at one point of the opening program but luckily it remained generally favorable to the outdoor activity. It began to pour buckets almost right after the exhibition game between the seminary Apostles varsity and a selection from EVSU. Somebody must have been smiling from above. 

Yet despite of the gloomy grey overtones, the afternoon was enlivened by color and movement from the presentations of both the seminarians and the guest performers. For this year we chose the names of five of the seven churches of the book of the Revelation: Ephesus (for the officials), Pergamum, Sardis, Thyatira and Laodicea. This is going to be my last Seminary Days for a long time, that is, until I return from my studies. 

seminarians in costume

the officials

i'm with another team

I took this shot from the staircase of the Sacred Heart park. The color is amazing...

The lighting of the torch

Team Pergamum presenting

Team Sardis presenting their pambato

guest performers from Tanauan

The seminarians in their production number.

I was entasked to give the closing remarks towards the end of the program.

Good day, Sunday!!!

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