Friday, June 10, 2011

On writer's blocks and wilful ladies

I've been taking a walk in the blogosphere these days. I find it more appetizing to read from other blogs than to write my own entries. Blame it on the writer's block, blame it on sheer literary laziness. I haven't been too successful lately in coming up with a good entry these days. I've been wanting to write about the readings that I've had these weeks but the Muses seemed to have deserted me. The first time I went to Manila in order to work on my travel papers (haven't I mentioned it somewhere here that I would be going abroad once again to study?) I came across a book about a woman who held the reigns of the temporal affairs of the Catholic Church during a good part of the Renaissance, sort of like Pope Joan but much better. Forget Joan (she wasn't real anyway, no matter how much liberal feminists would swoon at the fantasy of proving that women had that kind of authority within the Church). The book was about the mistress of Innocent X (clearly he wasn't too innocent), Donna Olimpia Maidalchini. The book makes even better reading than Dan Brown. At least with the book (which is historically accurate to a flaw, though it has some feminist leanings, but not too much) busog ka. It makes for a very satisfying read, especially if you're looking for a glimpse of how life was in Rome during that time, the etiquette, etc. What makes it really good is that it's full of details, from the ones which serious historians (which I hope to call myself after wrestling with my studies at the university in  four  years' time) would really appreciate, to the ones that the likes of Boy Abunda would really fish for. I'll blog about this later.
Well at least I've been able to break the logjam and keep thought torrents flowing this time..

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