Friday, June 3, 2011

MOrnIng AdreNalin RuSh

Why is it that whenever I get thiiiiisss close to getting something a glitch always happens? Like when I was about to triumphantly print my thesis way back when I was in college, about to crown my whole college life with the last brick, when suddenly the printer malfunctioned? (I was a worse technical ignoramus back then now.)

I've been in Manila for days now, trying to get the required papers for my visa application for my four-year "upgrade" at my alma mater in Pamplona this August. I've been through medical checkups, aided by the nurses and the doctors who were kind enough to make things swift for me (I do appreciate what the effort, though when people give me special treatment, it makes me uncomfortable in the least, and embarrassed at most. But thanks a lot anyway!!!); I've made trips to government agencies to authenticate documents, where my documents were likewise expedited. I've begun a love affair with the city rail train service (the MRT), and I've been in every mode of decent transportation there is in the city, from the taxi to the jeepney to the humble padyak.

This morning the seemingly daunting task of trying to decipher that maze which is calling the Spanish Embassy call center to secure a scheduled interview nearly drove me nuts. After a few unsuccessful attempts at the telephone I made for the embassy, which is at Gil Puyat Avenue. I asked help from the guard at the main entrance (by the way I'm staying at the Bahay Pari at the San Carlos Seminary Complex), something which takes a lot of patience (we weren't calling for a cab, we were fishing for a cab). Finally the kind guard was able to flag down one, and a yellow (airport cab) one at that. I gave him directions and we were off. By the time I finally located the building I had already secured the driver's number for my return trip to the airport this Sunday. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

I arrived at the Embassy only to be informed that applications for scheduled interviews were only done by phone. I felt like crying, to be honest. So back I went to my lodgings at the seminary, and asked Mang Boons, the accommodating guy at the front desk, if I could use the office phone. After two or three unsuccessful attempts, I was finally able to make contact, secure the interview for me (July 11) and for Fr. Pol (June 30, that means no fiesta for him), and finally breathe deeply in relief.

And now, after all this, I'm feeling much, much better.

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