Monday, May 10, 2010

this is one cool piece of furniture..

St. Paul is on the left arm

you could see St. Peter on the right

a detail of the chair on the upper right side
the upper center part of the chair, with the figure of Christ holding the Gospels

I saw this chair while attending a conference for seminary formators at the San Carlos Seminary last February. Here actually we're dealing with a cathedra, a bishop's chair (or throne). It is the symbol of the bishop's teaching authority in the Roman Catholic Church and in the Orthodox Church. One usually sees it in the premier church of every diocese (hence, the name "cathedral church"). If I'm not mistaken, it was used by no less than Pope John Paul II during his last visit to Manila in 1995. I'm not sure about that however. When I first saw it, it was at the basement of the Lorenzo Mission Institute within the seminary complex. No, don't ask me what it was doing there. It's a pity they left it lying around there. Anyway the thing captured my interest I couldn't resist taking some photos.

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