Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bad Day

You could say that you've had a bad day when:

1. You found at first thing in the morning that one of your car tires is flat
2. You're lacking in tools in order to fix that tire
3. The nearest vulcanizing shop doesn't have those tools
4. The night before a brother priest requests you to perform a baptism at 10 AM in his stead when you have some errands of your own to do (nah, scrap the errand, I'd prefer to do the baptism instead)
5. The same brother priest reminds you of the appointment, only to add that you have to conduct the Pre-Jordan Seminar as well
6. Because of the car tire and the scheduled baptism you miss your breakfast (that piece of toasted slice bread did well).
7. upon arriving at the parish for the scheduled baptism a few minutes before 10, you're told by the secretary that it's scheduled for 10:30
8. It's freaking hot both inside and outside
9. The baptismal party arrives and you observe that they're not too familiar with what you're saying
10. The acolytes haven't prepared the things needed for the baptism...

Kung malasin ka ba naman...

But then you'll discover as things get on that sometimes God orders things that way, and that he usually speaks to us this way as well, and we learn a lot from it... I saw that I had to be patient in dealing with people especially when things don't go too well. Certain things go well after a few seconds, some after an hour, others after some days....I was able to change the tire and drive it to a trusted mechanic shop, and it may be serviceable tomorrow morning...I had a lively chat with the baptismal sponsors, and I felt that they got a lot from my mystagogical explanation of the the significance of the sacrament and its rites...most of all, I realized that we won't always get things to be done in the exact way that we want them to be, and I believe that realizing these things make us more patient and push us a step further on the road to maturity.

So, shall I call it a bad day...nahhh. A day in which some things went in a way I wouldn't want them to go, perhaps, but surely, everything went quite well in the end...

All things work together for the good of those who love God (Rom 8:28)

Or shall I say, Omnia in bonum, It's all for the best!!!

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