Saturday, April 17, 2010

thoughts on the edge of the precipice named Melancholy

I'VE STOOD HERE many times during the course of my life; I don't usually hang out in this place, but sometimes for certain reasons, which may be known to me or which may be buried in the folds of my subconscious, I find myself here, gazing at the deep velvety darkness which yawns invitingly at the ledge which separates my feet from sheer nothingness. It's melancholy; for some it's like absinthe, tempting and yet at the same time threatening to drown you in its liquid fire; some see it as a snake, with its ugly coils, cold and dry, threatening to suck the life-breath out of you; right now I tend to see it as an abyss which lies open at my its depths lie nothingness, and yet whether be it a like a snake or a intoxicating liquor, it's chief temptation is the fallacy that deep in itself one finds the solace that one seeks...melancholy, and its big sister named sadness, and another one named Despair, invite hapless souls to their seemingly comforting though there is solace to be found in being sad and gray...

BUT I KNOW BETTER than to jump into its murky depths. the ravine named Melancholy may seem to offer the balm of self pity and the shallow comfort it promises, but then it's just a promise, and experience would always show that not all of these are kept, and Melancholy is a fickle guarantor.

I WOULD RATHER HAVE MY HEAD TURNED towards the sunlight that sooner or later would break through the gray clouds of my musings, and restore the song to that fickle bird which is my human heart, laden with misery as it is, yet capable of joyful melodies. And as the sunlight of optimism and gladness really do break through and give light to my otherwise gray surroundings, with wings that are the gift of the light, I shall fly once again over an above that painful abyss, far from its empty comforts and promises...

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