Saturday, April 17, 2010

From out of nothing.....A BLOG!!!

FOR STARTERS, let me say that this is the first salvo of what I hope would be a sustained endeavor on my part. I would admit that it's been quite a while since I've sharpened my pen and applied it to paper in order to come up with a decent article (those were the days when I preferred paper to laptops...i still do, by the way, though a laptop could contain more things than written ideas), and that I prefer to speak than write. I would be sincere in saying that I won't be prepared to commit to anything concerning this blog on a long-term basis, but I'll try to keep up, placing something every now and then. It shall be a summer blog then, about anything that happens to take place in the vast horizon of my mind (i wouldn't dare to claim it as an intellectual kind of vastness...anyway, I'm talking nonsense. With these words, I thereby declare this blog fully operational for all the wisecrack and crazy ideas that I may be kind enough to share

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