Sunday, April 28, 2013


I've been away from this blog for quite a while. I've been placing much-needed attention elsewhere, and since that now I'm gearing myself for the end of this academic year (and a licentiate program which, I must confess, has already become quite tedious), I believe I shall be occupied more than ever. The last entry that I made here was about after the election of Pope Francis, and a lot has taken place since then. Forty days into his pontificate, the Pope has done and said a lot that has made its rounds the world over. Like his predecessors, he's stamped his own mark in the papacy in more than just a month. This doesn't come as a surprise, since every pontiff has defined the papal office with his own personal style. John Paul II did it, and so did Benedict XVI. Francis is no different in this respect. No comparisons could be made there. But then, is it always good to make comparisons, where no comparison could be made? Francis is yet another proof that no moment in the history of the Church is ever the same with the ones that went before it, and that the Holy Spirit always guides the Church in the election of every Shepherd that the cardinals choose with each conclave. As with Benedict before him when he assumed the highest post in the Church--that of the Servant of the servants of God--interesting times lie ahead of us with Pope Francis in the forefront. 

Speaking of forty days, a few days ago this week I just started my own little countdown before finally leaving for home. After Holy Week and spring break--both of which i spent in Barcelona and Palafrugell (making one last visit to some relatives before heading for home), I started working on THE TRIP home, settling on a date and buying the ticket that would take me back home, thus ending this episode here in Spain. I confess that it's quite exciting, realizing that each day brings me quite closer to THE DAY, which is June 4. I even bought the train ticket for Madrid already!

When one period closes, it does in order to usher a new one. Two weeks ago my appointment as a formator at the Sacred Heart Seminary (Palo, Leyte) was announced. The Archbishop had changed the team of formators in the two seminaries of the archdiocese, and as regards to the new team at Sacred Heart I am to be the Prefect of Discipline of the High School Department. I must confess that when I heard the news I felt what Pope Francis would've felt at the time of his election. Being the formator of well-sized group of teenagers isn't something that you learn with thesis-writing, I commented to one of my companions when I shared the news. I quickly regained my composure soon after the announcement. Well, we could always learn something new in life, couldn't we? I was never trained to be a seminary formator, much less for the minor seminary, but hey, when the Lord grants a responsibility (burden is not a generous word), he also grants the strength with which to carry it. 

I've deactivated my Facebook account for a while; I just feel like doing it. God knows when I would be re-activating it again. For the moment, I'm enjoying my freedom from Facebook (as well as coping with the withdrawal syndrome with fingers itchy enough to type the password and press ENTER once again). Maybe it would give me more time to get familiar to the blog once again. 

My neck hurts; it's been hurting for a couple of weeks now. This is the worst case of stiff neck I've ever had (and which I ever hope to have). 

This reconciliatory post is done. May this signal the start of more frequent entries, now that for the moment its fiercest rival--Facebook--has been put to sleep (I'm going to miss all the likes for every word that I utter. But then, it's part of the withdrawal syndrome).

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  1. My FB Page also was Deactivated by the administrator. Anyway,god willing,be back soon.