Sunday, July 1, 2012


This weekend saw these events marking my calendar: the fiesta celebration of Brgy. Telegrafo (Tolosa, Leyte), the imposition of the pallium on forty-plus archbishops (among whom was Archbishop Du of Palo) by the Holy Father, in a Mass broadcasted by the EWTN; and finally, the Tacloban City fiesta celebrations. 

Though still not a parish, the church of the St. Peter the Apostle Mission Station (Brgy. Telegrafo, Tolosa) is one of my most preferred. As a mission station it is still dependent on the St. Michael the Archangel Parish of Tolosa. Like the mission station of Apitong, it has a very good church, though this one differs from the former with its size. Subsequent constructions have greatly enlarged the once diminutive church, and the parish rectory, whose construction was begun by Fr. Dennis Molabola, certainly beats the majority of parish rectories in the Archdiocese due to its great interior and design. 

The service vehicle of the Gonzagahaus

Two priests chatting before the vespers Mass.

The small but elegant dining room on the second floor.

Fr. Loiue Endriano, in this stylized shoot, looking out
through the capiz-shell windows of the dining room.

A shot of a detail of the church roof.

The sanctuary.

The procession finds its way back to the church. Aside from
the image of the patron saint, that of St. Isidore the Laborer is
included. This is typical in many processions in the Leyte countryside,
indicative of the fact that these are parishes in agricultural zones of
the province, where farmers have a devotion to this saintly farmer.

The Mission Station Priest-in-charge, Fr. Cipriano Rey Caraballa II.

A member of the honor guard composed of the Knights of Colombus.
Their  capes, plumes and swords (some a bit rusty), lend solemnity to local liturgical celebrations.

The church facade, still unpainted, but nonetheless imposing and dignified.

The altar.

Drivers of priests clowning around for the camera.

After having joining the rest of the concelebrants and invited guests in dinner after the Mass, Fr. JP and I proceeded to the seminary for another dinner invitation, this one in honor of the birthday of the Rector, Fr. Gil Manaog, who had celebrated his birthday some days back, and Fr. JV Camulte. Both of these priests have Virgilio as their name, a fact that was well pointed out during the program that preceded the dinner. The seminarians prepared a good program, albeit a long one, complete with songs, dances and testimonies about the two honorees.

With some of the seminarians before their number in the program. They
have called themselves The St. Peter's Chapel Chord, a parody
of the singing priests' group of the Archdiocese, the Peter's Chord.

Fr. Kelvin, Vice-rector, clowning for the camera.

Fr. JP ad Fr. Borj, the Prefect of the College Department.

With my bro, Sem. Myko Ivon Velasquez

The honorees

After the program

Dinner after the program.

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