Sunday, November 6, 2011

Retreat in Urriza

Here are some pictures of the retreat I've had days ago in a house near the village of Urritza, about 26 km away from Pamplona, going towards San Sebastian
what greater way to situate a retreat house than on the crossroads of a "busy" road.
 Isn't that descriptive of a retreat: be at the crossroads?

The front of the retreat house (o casa de convivencias, as they name it here.
The architecture is typical of this northern Spanish region.

The topmost floor. Our room is on the right side, looking at the picture.
I was made to share the room with two others. This is definitely the last time
that I am going to share a room with
anybody else during a retreat..

The tiles are quite cool...

Rustic architecture

Evidently, the Chapel

Down the pathway outside the house there is a stream...
and a bridge, naturally..

The highway passes over the private pathway
that eventually leads to a soccer field

The stream/bathing hole.

a view of the house from the bridge.

another view of the brook

from the Archdiocese of Palo (Philippines).
from the left: Fr. Paulino Cabahit, yours truly,
Rev. Raymun Sotto

A cool photomontage

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