Sunday, November 20, 2011

Migraine with aura?

I was frightened out of my wits this morning during Mass. Right after the good homily delivered by our celebrant for this solemnity of Christ the King, I began to notice that the chapel began to be brighter and I began to feel a bit disoriented and everything seemed grainy. This was particularly noticeable in the left eye. I began to feel a bit afraid and worried, especially when I began to note that I was having to exert effort in order to focus reading on the concelebration booklet that I had in my hands. I didn't seem to make out some letters right. The brightness continued to increase, and I was really aware of the fact that everything was bright. I fought the temptation to rush out of the chapel in my vestments. After Mass anyway I immediately went to the bathroom to check on my eyes, particularly the left. There was nothing out of the ordinary, until I resorted to testing my peripheral vision. I placed my index fingers of both hands before me, and moved them from before my face to my sides. I was terrified to note that my left finger disappeared before the right one past from my line of vision. I steadied myself on the sink, fearing for the worst. Then I went out and sought out Don Ramiro, who had celebrated the Mass this morning and who is at the same time a medical doctor. I told him that something was wrong with me. We did some very simple ocular tests then and there; by that time the blind spots had disappeared and the brightness had lessened. By the time I reached the dining room for breakfast, everything had almost returned to normal, though I continued to feel shaken by the whole experience. I've had an encounter with migraines before, but I never had an experience of migraine auras. Well, at least I hope that that was a migraine aura, and not something else worse. I'm not making a definite diagnosis (because I'm not a doctor anyway). However, the pain that I had on the right sight of my head seems to confirm this hypothesis. A friend advised me to have a checkup. That's not a bad idea. I'm well enough to post this experience as I enjoy my Sunday plan today, solemnity of Christ the King, as is obvious. 

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