Thursday, April 28, 2011

That Servant of God, John Paul II

With just two whole days to go before the Big Day of JP2's record-breaking beatification, one good way with which this blog could honor this great man is through this very simple photo-tribute. I won't write anything about him, because at this moment I think words won't do him any justice. Maybe I'll write more about him later on. Anyway, presenting the man himself:

as a young thespian in the Rhapsody Theater, ca. mid-1930's

Looking pensive as the Cardinal of Krakow

two great saints of the 20th century

pensive while listening to a speech

forceful and commanding

even old-age and facial paralysis couldn't render this face unlovable...

abreast with the new ways of communication

during the Mass of the inauguration of his ministry.

Habemus Papam!!!

the first pilgrim of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of our Redemption, 1983

"Though art Peter..."

the last time he was seen wearing lace in public.

His last Laetare Sunday, 2005

the young Bishop at his episcopal consecration, 1958

he simply rocks!!!
post scriptum: I've been invited as a commentator of the live radio broadcast of the beatification ceremonies at DYBR Tacloban this Sunday, something which would be a totally new experience for me.

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