Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is just a random personal thought. For months nothing was more heated a point of contention than the RH bill issue. People from both sides of the fence--the Church and Malacanang--have tried to be conciliatory by opening dialogue concerning this issue, surrounded by a cacophony of voices either calling out for its passage in Congress or its being scrapped due to moral considerations. The public reaction ranged from the impassioned cry either for its implementation as a law or as something identifying it as immoral and against life, to the indifference and apathy--and the general ignorance--of many citizens.

I believe however that the time for fruitful and peaceful dialogue concerning this issue has already passed. Much has been said by both parties that has caused irreparable damage to the notion of a productive dialogue. The mudslinging and name-calling coming from both sides has done much damage to the cause of a constructive meeting of minds. 

We are past the dialogue stage. I think that the only thing left for both sides to do is to stand by the convictions of each. In the case of the Church, which finds itself increasingly more alone in raising its voice against a bill which might as well be already a law de facto if not de iure, there is nothing left but to remain firm in its moral convictions, not trying much to convince, but rather to do something which it was told to do two millenia before and which it has been doing ever since, through thick and thin: to proclaim the Gospel of life fearlessly. As a budding student of history I could say that after two thousand years of difficulty and continued crisis, of mistakes and left-turns, the Church has always passed through virtually stronger. Though chastened, the Church always went out of every trial purified and shiny as ever. I would dare say that after two thousand years of experiencing every kind of evil man could possible do to himself and to others, the Catholic Church has nothing left to fear neither from the powers of the world nor from history itself.  Should the RH Bill be signed into law, are we to quake in fear and frustration at this sign that the all-powerful Catholic Church is gradually losing its clout in the Philippines, as her enemies would aggressively point out and predict? Far from it. Should we live through the misfortune of seeing its passage, nothing changes actually: it doesn't alter in any way the moral teaching of the Church concerning contraception, nor the truth about sexuality, nor the human person, nor marriage. Legality doesn't always point out the morality of a thing. Furthermore, things will only serve to make things clearer for us people: it will point out each one's stand, whether they are faithful to Christ's teachings transmitted by the Church or whether people live by accommodating themselves to the passage of the times, irregardless of what is true or not.

The time has come for the Church and her children to stand and be clear about their convictions, not seeking to please or to accommodate or to earn "pogi points", not seeking to convince even. No, not that. More importantly, we must stand to give testimony, to give witness. That's all.

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