Friday, February 25, 2011

On Pro-Life Rallies, RH Bills and the Filipino Freegarbage

This afternoon I will be joining many of the faithful in a march against the RH Bill to be held in Tacloban. At the moment of blogging the seminarians are coming up with colorful placards for the rally. In the meantime, I would like to pose this for consideration, something that I got from the website of the Filipino Freethinkers, (no, I won't give you the link, else you might soil yourself  with  so much garbage) it just shows that it's possible to think even with an empty head (comments in red mine):

We’d like to invite you all to the biggest meetup yet.
This Sunday, Feb 27, the Freethinkers along with more than 1,000 men and women will be walking our ethical talk ("ethical"? unethical is more like it. No, make that IMMORAL).
In our numbers we will march straight up to the CBCP compound in Manila, in support of the Reproductive Health Bill. This will be by far the largest mass mobilization to descend upon the CBCP compound in history.
Indeed we are angry but this will be a silent, peaceful protest. (That's good. If you have nothing good and true to say, better shut up. Just pout and grumble  like  a naughty child who wasn't allowed to do all the naughty things that  he wanted to do) We do this in the name of the dying mothers, 11 of whom die needlessly ( If you're so concerned about the dying, why don't you do soemthing about them yourselves? Go visit them in their sickbeds, give them medicine, bring to their sickbeds attentive medical help, come up with medical missions. You don't need a law to do good, much less a law that will only actually lead to more deaths. This only manifests what I have been thinking about these kind of people in their pro-RH bill advocacy: those "dying mothers" that they seem so concerned about seems to be faceless to them. Do they know of any dying mothers? Why don't they help them themselves if they're so concerned? I 'm now convinced that their advocacy is for advocacy's sake. Do something more useful, for love of God) while these virgin Fathers (thank you for this affirmation of our celibacy)and their minions do everything in their considerable power to stop the RH Bill (and you should thank us. What else would you do when someone tries to stop the hand that's about to stab you to death?).
When: Sunday, February 27, 4PM
Where: CBCP Compound
Attire: White shirts
Assembly: Cory and Ninoy monument, Bonifacio Drive corner Padre Burgos Street (across Manila Hotel)
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Likhaan (RH Action Network) Press Release
With the Consolidated RH Bill finally scheduled for both House and Senate Plenary hearings on March 1, there has never been a more crucial time to show the Filipino people that the bishops of the CBCP hold no monopoly on morality  (that is true. We don't HOLD any monopoly over morality. GOD does. We are only useless servants. we have only done what we are supposed to do.)and that we will no longer tolerate the bishop’s interference in our nation’s governance (inasmuch as the wicked cannot tolerate the ways of truth and righteousness).
The CBCP fear us (we fear the evil that this bill will unleash. that's why we are busting our asses (forgive the language) in championing that which is good and true. to fear is perfectly human. Courage doesn't mean the absence of fear, but that we are able to overcome it in order to fight for what's morally right and true, and what is really advantageous for the Filipino people. Besides, this "the CBCP fear us" crap is bullying; bullying is another of cowardice, a manifestation of fear that is not overcome.). They know their presumed moral supremacy is merely an illusion that rests on their assumed superiority and infallibility as embodied in the serenity of their bishop’s palace (this is so verbose it's nothing but air). We know their fear,(we as pastors fear what we would say before the Supreme Pastor when our time comes. It's not you that we fear) they’ve threatened several pro-RH NGOs with withdrawal of support should they dare mobilize on their CBCP palace (what' s this thing about a palace? don't tell me you people live in shacks. Why, these people are as elitist as those whom they purportedly call elitists. Hypocrites!).
This is the kind of petty intimidation that we intend to stand against this Sunday (one would wonder who's intimidating who this Sunday).
Where there was once fear, let our voices be heard! Our silent rage will ring loud round the nation as a call to action: democracy and freedom (With such zeal, and in fairness to the intentions of some of these people who might as well be blinded, it's a pity they don't really know what these two key and oft-abused concepts really mean. Divorced from moral truth and goodness, Democracy becomes tyrannical, and freedom is agonizing slavery)!
We had visitors this morning, some nuns and their charges from a parrochial school in Dulag. Observing the seminarians working on their placards, i commented that we would be going to the rally this afternoon. The Sister I was conversing with said that they don't go to rallies; they'd rather pray. I told her, "Sister, you have chosen the better part". We're not on this battle alone, because ultimately, this is not just a battle against forces that malign in the Congress, in the streets, in the blogospheres and social networks, all bent to destroy the family; this is ultimately the battle between the angels of God, both human and spiritual, and the minions of satan (yes, with the small "s", he deserves no better), that father of lies.We need prayers.

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