Thursday, August 26, 2010


These are some shots of Pope Paul VI (and of Pope Pius XII) during some of the solemn papal liturgies before the Second Vatican Council. I won't call myself a traditionalist (nor do I like being identified as a "conservative" since those terms are misleading, if not biased), but I really love looking at pictures like these, wherein we could see the beauty and the grandeur of Catholic worship being offered in the seat of Catholic Christendom. There would be no doubt of how these things could inebriate the senses and make one acknowledge the transcendence of God's glory. Any "liberal" so-called would surely disagree with me, but with things and events like these, we surely get a foretaste of heaven
Pope Paul VI at the papal throne
The Pope at the High Altar of the Confession at the most solemn part of the Mass.
Pope Pius XII. Cardinal (then Monsignor and Papal Master of Ceremonies) Enrico Dante at the foreground
A good shot from above.

I would daresay that these shots with the pope in crimson vestments was taken at some canonization or beatification, though I'm not too sure...

The Holy Father before consuming the Precious Blood from the chalice holds in his hand a most curious straw-like instrument called the fistula through which he shall sip the consecrated wine. It's has long since slipped into disuse in papal liturgies.

This one was taken during the coronation Mass of Pope Paul VI. One could see the papal tiara on the left side.

Another shot during the coronation mass, during the homily part of the Mass. Popes weren't supposed to render a homily during their coronation, but i heard that this was the first time the Pope did away with that custom.

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