Sunday, January 8, 2012

Run For the Finish Line

With the celebration of the Sunday of the Lord's Baptism in many parts of the Church, and with the Nativity scene of my residence under wraps, I'm getting set along with the others to enter once again into ordinary time, and by this I don't merely refer to the liturgical calendar, but to the normal stride of student life here in Pamplona. Tomorrow marks the start of 14 weeks of study, classes and work (not counting Holy Week and the Easter octave, during which we are still on vacation), and after those weeks, 17 days of exams. My next big event comes after a week's respite from the exams, when I finally get to go back to the Philippines for a vacation I'm very much looking forward to. Until then, I'm ready and eager to handle those weeks with gusto. BRING IT ON!!!

With this entry I'm also inaugurating the new look of this blog. I opted to make it's appearance more simple, and chose to make it brighter. 

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