Saturday, August 27, 2011


I’ve just de-planed here in Doha, Qatar, after completing the first of three laps in this journey to Pamplona, and now I’m seated comfortably to watch the hours away (actually it’s ten hours) before boarding once again, this time for Madrid. It’s been a nine-hour flight, the rigors of the journey being softened by my sudden and unexpected transfer from the economy to the business class. 

It was the first time I flew business class, and I guess I was so excited to see how it was I nearly left my backpack in Manila (thank God for the ministry of guardian angels). I was about to pass through the gate when I realized I was bringing only my suitcase minus the backpack, which contained my passport, boarding passes, and my Mac. I shudder at the thought that I may have spent nine hours banging my head on the aircraft wall for sheer stupidity. 

Anyway, the business class was really comfortable. You had your own personal space, your entertainment system, and meals were delivered and you had your menu. It was really comfortable, and I eased away the hours watching films. Funny, but the only movies I was really able to finish were Tagalog movies. Perhaps nostalgia had already set in as early as this time. I was laughing at Eugene Domingo’s and AiAi de las Alas’ antics in Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat and I enjoyed watching Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson in Catch Me I’m Falling. I’ve seen those before but I guess it’s different when you watch them abroad. Meals and snacks were served every now and then and I had coffee as well, which I think I would have to blame for the headache that I’ll have to endure at present. I thinks it’s a migraine headache again. Oh Lord please not here and not now.

Anyway, we soon neared Doha after a while. Had it not been for this return trip to Spain I wouldn’t have known that Doha, Qatar ever existed. But I see that it’s quite a charming place. I’ve never been in a desert land before, but then though Qatar isn’t exactly a desert, I could observe from the plane window that tan and khaki were the dominant colors. Everything is khaki and bright. The temperature is a glaring 40 degrees and the weather is fantastic. The airport has a good system of receiving travelers according to whether passengers have connecting flights or whatever. They’re classified according to the colors of their tickets. Mine is yellow, as do all passengers who have connecting flights.

Anyway, in the meantime I still have a lot of time to while around and explore Doha from within the expanse of its international terminal. This is the first time I’ve ever set foot in the Middle East, and the closest I’ve gotten so far to the Holy Land.

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